Suzy reveals innocent and sexy visuals with all-black outfit and natural long hair

Singer-actress Suzy has shared her recent activities, boasting stunning “innocent sexy” visuals all the while. 

On May 10th, Suzy posted several photos on her SNS with the caption, “Flirting with Longines.” The released photos show Suzy posing in an all-black outfit.


It is known that Suzy attended an event of the brand Longines, and confidently posed with a product in the background.

She also captured attention by sharing a super close-up selfie, which clearly showcases her sharp facial features and flawlessly fair skin.


Additionally, Suzy also exuded an air of sophistication with her long, naturally black hair. Overall, the singer-actress gave off both innocent and sexy vibes.

Seeing Suzy’s latest images, T-ARA Jiyeon showed a strong reaction and left the comment, “Ah, so cute.”


Meanwhile, Suzy received a lot of love for her appearance in the Coupang Play series “Anna”, and was even nominated for Best Actress at the 59th Baeksang Arts Award for the role. 

Source: Nate

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