Seventeen’s knife-like choreography (stages’ maters!)

SEVENTEEN introduced a robot-like sharp dance and caught fans’ eyes with their high-quality performance.

SEVENTEEN was in Hong Kong on the 14th to attend the last night of 2018 MAMA, “MAMA in Hongkong.” There they released their new song, “Getting Closer” for the first time on stage.

They performed the dance without a hitch. They moved around the eastbound lanes and performed powerful dance moves. The moment when all the members look up at the sky, their movement was exactly the same.

The delicate movements of the right foot and the arm seem to have all 13 members united. Their legs were even spreading at the same angle.

Even in the more difficult choreography, the knife-like choreography didn’t break. All the members except one were in the air. Everyone fell down at the same time, like there was a magnet on the stage.

Lastly, when one of the member ran in the middle, the rest also came together in the middle. It’s a dance that a mistake can easily be seen even if you move a little later or faster. But SEVENTEEN did it perfectly.

Fans who saw the stage reacted with “Really great,” “I’m out of breath watching this”, “That’s ridiculously in sync” and “They are indeed master of performance”

Shall we see Seventeen’s sharp and in-sync choreography through this video?

Source: Dispatch

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