The moments that V (BTS) looks like a villain out of a movie

V has many ‘villain’ images thanks to his cold eyes, ‘fierce’ but also charming expression.

On TheQoo, netizens shared a series of cool moments of V (BTS) like “the villain coming out of the movie”.  These are the composite images of V, from stage photos, concept photos, magazine photos… Netizens praise V’s ingenious facial expression flexibility. Thanks to his excellent eyes and facial expressions, V can perfectly show all concepts, of which the most impressive and suitable for the male idol are the “bad boy” and “villain” concepts.  Netizens commented that V has many moments when he is like a villain out of a movie.

V is one of the most outstanding members of BTS in appearance. He has expressive eyes, flexible charisma, actor-like facial expressions.
He is said to fit perfectly with the “dark vibe”
The cold eyes make the male idol look like a “dangerous” villain
In the Dynamite concept, he looks like a “Mafia boss.”
The bright and sharp T-zone makes him extremely attractive in front of the camera.
In real life, V is known as a member who acts cute with BTS members, but when he is on stage or in a magazine shoot, he is like “becoming someone else.”
The extremely charming “bad boy” vibe of the male idol born in 1995.
He zis known for his titles such as “the king of the stage,” “the master of facial expressions.”

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