Kim Gun Woo “I’ve never done it before”…Song Hye Kyo “You’re lying!” (The Glory making film)

A friendly making film of “The Glory” has been released.

On Jan 13th, a video was posted on Netflix Korea’s official channel with the title “Revenge was fierce, but the set was warm. We brought a making video to prevent over-immersion in ‘The Glory“.

song hye kyo the glory

The video showed Song Hye Kyo, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young and Kim Gun Woo, the main characters of “The Glory”, having small conversations in the middle of filming.

In the filming scene with Kim Gun Woo, Song Hye Kyo led the comfortable atmosphere by telling the nervous Kim Gun Woo, “It’s okay, it’s okay to do it however you want.” While filming the scene of putting on the shoes for Song Hye Kyo, Kim Gun Woo looked timid, “I’ve never done it before.” Song Hye Kyo made everyone laugh by shouting “You’re lying!” as if it were absurd.

song hye kyo the glory

Park Sung Hoon’s playful appearance also drew attention. When Park Sung Hoon found out that the camera was filming him, he caused laughter by showing his kindness to other actors, “It was really hard, right?“, “I missed you“, “Having you today made me happy“…

In particular, Park Sung Hoon took off his outerwear for Lim Ji Yeon, who was wearing a short skirt. After filming a scene where Park Sung Hoon strangled Lim Ji Yeon, he showed his charismatic side by saying, “It’s so heartbreaking to have to strangle her.

song hye kyo the glory

The filming scene of Jung Ji So and Shin Ye Eun, who played young Moon Dong Eun and young Park Yeon Jin, also drew attention. The two had many violent scenes as they played the victim and the perpetrator of school violence.

Source: Nate

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