Byul: “Only if I was patient to stay at JYP, I could have debuted as a girl group”.

Byul, a soloist and Ha Ha’s wife, said she could have debuted as a member of a girl group instead of a solo artist?

Singer Byul looked back on her past 14 years on MBC FM4U’s “Muzie and Ahn Young Mi’s 2 O’clock Date” (hereinafter referred to as ‘2 O’Clock Date”), which aired in the afternoon of January 13th.


On the show, Byul introduced her hit song “Why Don’t You Know” and said, “It was so hard for me to pretend to be cute. I cried because I didn’t want to do it,” she recalled.

haha byul

Byul has had the experience promoting as a girl group through tvN’s entertainment show “Mama the Idol,” which ended in 2022. She said, “If I had been patient in the past, I could have debuted with a girl group, but I couldn’t bear to. I thought I couldn’t do well, but now that I think about it, it would have been fun to try,” she confessed.


Regarding the reunion with the members of “Mama the Idol,” Byul said, “I should try to push for it.

Source: Newsen

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