“The male lead used to run a host bar?”… This popular drama is receiving mixed responses about the identity of the female lead

Since Mr.Goo (Seon Seok-gu) in JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “My Liberation Notes” was revealed to have run a host bar, a heated debate was raised among netizens.

On the broadcast of “My Liberation Notes”, which aired on May 15th, it was revealed that Mr.Goo, who is having a romance with Yeom Mi-jeong (Kim Ji-won), used to run a host bar, a popular entertainment business (club/bar) in the past.

In the recent episode, Mr. Goo said, “when I was running the club, we had this guy who was super unpopular. I got why he was unpopular, that punk”, making the viewers curious about his past. Chairman Baek then called Mr. Goo and said, “This is why I don’t trust bastards who worked in host bars. You bastards don’t know how to play fair”, confirming Mr. Goo’s identity.

Until now, Mr. Goo’s identity has been a mystery to the extent that “Mr. Goo’s identity”, “Mr. Goo’s past”, etc. kept appearing as related search keywords for this drama. It was eventually revealed through the latest episode.

My Liberation Notes

However, viewers are giving divided opinions about the past of Mr. Goo, who used to run a host bar and even manage staff for such adult entertainment businesses.

My Liberation Notes

Internet users on the online community theqoo commented, “You guys want him to be a gangster rather than a host bar host?”, “You mean they can’t talk about host bar in dramas? People have different backgrounds”, “The male lead is being punished to carry a desperate heart because of his past. Some people just don’t watch the drama but commented as if we are beautifying the story”, “But the main characters are all good people, right?”, etc.

My Liberation Notes

However, other netizens angrily said, “The male lead in this romance drama is a host bar host?”, “Should I watch the deliberation of a host bar host?”, “A host bar male lead is having a romance with the female lead?”, “What’s the point of including such detail in the drama?”, “This makes me feel quite annoying”, etc.

My Liberation Notes

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