K-netizens debate on the most influential debut song of 2nd generation Kpop girl groups: SNSD, 2NE1 or Miss A

Over the years, Kpop has witnessed the debut of hundreds of girl groups, many of which have quickly won the hearts of not only fans but also the general public with their pretty visuals, impressive talents, charming stage presence, unique concepts and catchy music. Some groups even made a huge impact right from their debut title tracks, giving them a solid start on the journey to compete in the tough idol industry. 

Recently, Korean netizens started a debate on a difficult question: “Which 2nd generation girl group has the most influential debut song in Kpop history?” The 3 songs included as candidates for netizens to select are all popular to this day because of their outstanding influence in different ways.

SNSD – “Into the New World” (2007)

K-netizens debate on the most influential debut song of 2nd generation Kpop girl groups: SNSD, 2NE1 or Miss A

2NE1 – “Fire” (2009)

Miss A – “Bad Girl, Good Girl” (2010)

Out of these three songs, SNSD‘s “Into the New World” is less appreciated by Korean netizens than the other two songs in this topic. The reason is because despite being widely known and covered by many junior girl groups later, at the time of its release, the achievements and reactions that “Into the New World” received were not really explosive. So compared to “Fire” that quickly rose to the top of digital music charts after its debut and “Bad Girl, Good Girl” that even received a Daesang for “Song of the Year”, many Korean netizens still have mixed opinions about the impact of “Into the New World”.

  • “Objectively, it should be ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’. How many groups can receive rookie awards and daesang at the same time…”
  • “Fire. I still clearly remember the shock of that time.”
  • “”Bad Girl, Good Girl”. Their first stage is truly legendary
  • “Sorry but if you look at the track record of each song when it first came out, ‘Into the New World’ wouldn’t even be mentioned here ㅋㅋ It only became known later on, probably thanks to survival shows.”
  • “”Fire” was popular because at that time 2NE1 performed so well that no one could believe they were rookies. But when it comes to the biggest influence, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” is the most suitable”
  • “As someone who has no interest in the idol world, I think ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl’ is the most reasonable choice out of these 3. It even won a Daesang.”
  • If we talk about influence literally, “Bad Girl, Good Girl” wins for sure. “Into the New World” was later known, 2NE1 was more popular to the public than “Fire”, while “Bad Girl, Good Girl” was already extremely popular when it was first released.
  • “Must be “Fire”. The song itself was a huge shock.  A lot of people see this as the beginning of the girl crush style in Kpop.”
  • In terms of influence at the time of release, it will be “Fire” and “Bad Girl, Good Girl”, but “Into the New World” is currently considered the representative song of the girl group world.


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