“Love Dive” and “U Go Girl” cover from a “Virtual Girl Group” survival program surpassed 450,000 views in a day

Video from the 1st episode of “Girl’s RE:VERSE,” a debut survival show to find Korea’s first virtual girl group, released through its official YouTube account, surpassed 450,000 views in less than half a day. Not only Korean, but also overseas fans are showing great interest.

In the 1st episode, “Girl’s RE:VERSE” caught viewers’ attention with a series of legendary performances from the first preliminary round. The 2nd episode will be the first qualifying round, which is a 1:1 death match. Those who lose the match will immediately disappear, which is why the girls will compete fiercely to grab their chance.

In the first episode, Jipsunhui, which received attention by ranking first in the pre-voting, performed “Maria.” She boasted herexplosive singing skills, drawing keen attention to her survival stage in the future.

Against this, Ujewel plans to show what she got by singing Jannabi’s “For Lovers who Hesitate” with her own charm. Unlike her pure appearance, Ujewel is rumored to have performed a calm and emotional stage with her husky voice, which was praised by Aiki and other Watchers. As a result, many are expecting the showdown between Jipsunhui and Ujewel. In addition, it is rumored that “Nemo” and another girl will cover Kim Se Jeong‘s “Flower Road”.

girls reverse

As “Girl’s RE:VERSE” is a virtual girl group debut survival, aside from the vocal performances, colorful dance cover stages are also something to watch out for. Ujewel will perform IVE’s “Love Dive,” while Muneo, who recently attracts attention with her unusual character, will showcase Lee Hyo Ri’s “U Go Girl”. As real-world female idols, they will implement their perfect dance lines and detailed movements through their virtual characters, providing viewers with the same immersion as if watching a live stage.

The second episode of “Girl’s RE:VERSE” will be released simultaneously on Kakao Page and YouTube at 9 p.m. today (Jan 4th). Various related additional contents will also be released on Kakao TV.

Source: Wikitree

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