The important shortcomings make Korean netizens still have to wonder: Why did SM release aespa after all?

Many people believe that aespa does not have the characteristics of SM like other groups in this company

Before aespa’s debut in November 2020, there were many rumors that aespa would be the “key” girl group that SM Entertainment had been preparing for a long time.  After 4 months of operation, the SM rookie not only actively performed on music stages but also soon entered the fashion segment, showing SM’s ambition to promote the name of the new girl group.

SBS aespa Black Mamba

  However, until now, when they have witnessed the initial success of aespa, many Korean netizens still do not understand why SM Entertainment released these 4 girls.  Many comments on online forums said that compared to senior groups in the same company, aespa does not own the inherent characteristics of SM idol groups, which is also the pride of the company’s fans for  many years.

SBS aespa Black Mamba

A netizen commented: “This group has no visuals, no main dancer, no outstanding vocalists like Taeyeon or Wendy, no member has a face that attracts fans or a sweet and youthful face like fruit. To be more precise, this group feels a bit too half-hearted, like there is still a need to add something to make them truly complete.  In addition, perhaps the company needs to pay more attention to the girls’ style. All the members were born in the 2000s but always see them wearing clothes that look older than their actual age.  It seems that the company’s strategy is to go into the luxury fashion segment, but it has failed at the very begining. It seems that SM has invested a lot of money in aespa, but miraculously they look like a normal dance group “.

Under the comments of this article, many opinions also affirm that so far they still have to doubt SM’s decision to release a girl group with too many controversies from visual to talent like aespa.  Even out of the current 4 members, Korean netizens named Giselle.  This is the member that made them wonder why she can be in the aespa.

– “But it’s really suspicious ㄹㅋㅋ If these are the ones chosen to debut, then there isn’t any better trainee in SM?”

 -> “SM’s former trainees were much prettier than these girls. But I can not understand why aespa were chosen to make their debut. Could it be because they’re more talented ..?”

-> “Well, before aespa debuted, the better trainnees had left the company.”

 -> “Unrelated to the aespa debut, I just can’t understand why the SM Rookies can’t debut. Those trainees are not only better than aespa, they can also become top 4th generation girl group in terms of both visual and talent “

– “After all, why did Giselle debut ….”

 – “Honestly, Karina and Winter are acceptable, even NingNing can be reluctant to be accepted, but Giselle? Honestly I can’t understand.”

 – “Maybe because of Red Velvet’s scandal, SM has to hurry to release a new girl group, right?”

– “But one thing is for sure, aespa is doing very well. If they flop, posts like this won’t appear ㅋㅋㅋ Any girl group who gets cursed on Pann is finally going to succeed.  Are there still many people who don’t know about this? Anyway, in the next few years aespa will also be promoted strongly from a big company like SM and then the group will be successful “

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