Seeing the way YG and CUBE treated their artists, fans stop fantasizing about the so-called “family” in Kpop!

Behind the image of having close bonds are complicated internal affairs in entertainment companies. Despite of having worked together for years, it seems like they still can turn against each other.

Hyuna is kicked out of CUBE Entertainment.

Recently, HyunA and her boyfriend E’Dawn (PENTAGON) were kicked out of CUBE Entertainment, which is currently creating a buzz in Korean and international media. This is the consequence that both artists have to take after turning on the company for dating. Some netizens understand and sympathize with this decision of the company, but on the other hand, the fans are also quite angry.

HyunA has been working with CUBE for many years, and she was with CUBE through ups and downs, even when CUBE lost all public trust and financial stability after the departure of BEAST – HIGHLIGHT. However, the company had acted on their own and kicked HyunA out while HyunA herself did not know anything about the news.

T.O.P was deleted from the poster of BIGBANG.

In an interview back in 2013, when asked what YG meant to the group, Big Bang’s TOP replied that on TV YG was a family, but in fact it was just a place to work. Whether it was a joke or not, TOP’s speech had shocked many people because YG had always been famous for its name YG Family, which showed the close friendship between the artists and the company.

However, the fact that T.O.P’s image was removed from BIGBANG’s poster had led many fans to doubt the YG Family name.

The reason why YG removed the image T.O.P out of the 10-year anniversary exhibition of Big Bang is still unknown.

CL is ignored

Although she is known as YG’s princess, CL could not escape from the fate of being ignored by her agency. There have been many times when CL hinted on SNS that YG was wasting her time and talent or YG did not support her activities when she was no longer at the peak of her career, raising concern over the truth behind the name “YG family.”

Especially, CL once had to ask Yang Hyun Suk to read her message on an Instagram post boasting about BLACKPINK, making netizens upset and gradually realize that the “YG family” is only for the artists who are still famous.

CL and 2NE1 were once YG's princesses, but now the position is shifted to other people and CL has managed to do everything on her own despite still being under YG's management.
CL and 2NE1 were once YG’s princesses, but now the position is shifted to other people and CL has managed to do everything on her own despite still being under YG’s management.

Behind the curtain of the colorful Kpop is the secret that fans have not been able to discover. Although YG always shows that their company is a family, but their image gradually deteriorates in the eyes of fans by their disappointing behavior to the artist.

Sources: Kclive

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