aespa scored a hit after they leave Kwangya, explodes in popularity with high-teen concept

As they changed their images from warrior women to high-teen sensations, girl group aespa is achieving great successes. 

aespa’s 3rd mini album “MY WORLD”, which was released on May 8th, has surpassed 1,698,784 copies in first-week sales, according to the album sales aggregation site Hanteo Chart.


With this album, aespa has achieved the highest record among artists under SM Entertainment (based on Hanteo Chart).

Not only that, aespa once again seized the title of the highest first-week sales among girl groups, which was previously set with their previous work “Girls” in July last year, with initial sales of 1,126,068 copies.

In particular, with this album, aespa not only broke their own record with a total of 1.8 million copies in pre-order volume, but also took first place in the highest first-day sales among K-pop girl groups with 1.37 million copies. They have once again proven their strong power by setting a new record for initial sales of K-pop girl groups.


On the other hand, aespa’s 3rd mini album, “MY WORLD”, is an album that commences the 2nd season of the SMCU aespa universe. Through the latest comeback, one can experience aespa’s new musical world, performances, and fashion, which is transitioning from KWANGYA to the REAL WORLD.

The album, including the title song “Spicy”, consists of a total of 6 songs of various genres and is receiving great love as it sweeps through both domestic and global charts. It is also the first album where aespa drastically changed their image from warrior women to high-teen girls.

At the same time, many believe this transition to be the cause of recent praises surrounding aespa, leaving comments such as, “I knew it would be a hit if they left Kwangya, and it really exploded”, and “I knew it would do well from the start”.

Source: Insight

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