Lee Sun-bin reacts to radio listeners’ fake stories about seeing her on a date with Lee Kwang-soo

Actress Lee Sun-bin was embarrassed over the fake story of her date with her boyfriend Lee Kwang-soo made up by a radio listener.

Lee Sun-bin and Seo Young-hee, who star in the new movie “Air Murder”, appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show”, which aired on April 19th.

On this day, a radio listener said they witnessed Lee Sun-bin. That person said, “I saw you not long ago and it seems like you were on a date. I was amazed by the scene so I kept looking at you. Then Lee Kwang-soo came and asked, ‘Is this your first time seeing a celebrity?’”. 

lee sun bin

Lee Sun-bin smiled and responded in a pleasant way, saying, “Here we go again. I’m keeping an eye on everything. ‘Should we end these rumors or keep making up more?’… That’s what everyone is saying”.

Another listener said, “Last time, in front of Seoul Women’s University, you got drunk with two of my friends and did some bad drinking habits. You ran around the alley and made a fuss.” Lee Sun-bin replied, “I do run around when I’m excited. This makes me feel like I’ve been caught for real.”

Lee Kwang Soo-Lee Sun Bin

Earlier, on “Cultwo Show”, which aired in August of last year, listeners sent fake stories of them witnessing Lee Kwang-soo, drawing laughter. There were stories of Lee Kwang-soo saying he was hungry and eating up the bottle he was given as well as Lee Kwang-soo hitchhiking a dump truck.

Those are fake stories that viewers sent to make fun of Lee Kwang-soo. It seems that Lee Kwang-soo is becoming more active as he was particularly bewildered by those stories. This time, it seems that the listeners played a prank on his girlfriend, Lee Sun-bin, as well.

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