Squid Game stars Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon bagged big awards at SAG Awards, netizens showed their disapproval towards one of them

Instead of the initial approval, the audience criticized that this Squid Game actress did not deserve the award.

Squid Game is a prominent global phenomena of 2021, helping the cast’s lives turn to a new page. Recently at the SAG Awards (Screen Actors Guild Awards), that new page was once again clearly visible when the two main cast members of the drama, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon each took a win for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama Series in the male and female divisions. In addition, Squid Game itself also won the award for Outstanding Action Performance as a Stunt Ensemble in the Drama category.

SAG Awards is known as a major and prestigious award held annually by the Motion Picture Actors Guild to honor outstanding acting achievements. Immediately at the announcement of this news, many viewers suddenly expressed their displeasure and said that Jung Ho Yeon, the female lead of Squid Game, also a rookie in the Korean film industry, was completely unworthy of this award. Although the actress previously received love from many audiences and became a phenomenon of the Korean film industry, Jung Ho Yeon is now being criticized a lot.

Audience comments:

-She only wears that one dull face throughout the drama but somehow won the award

– Lee Jung Jae received the award, it’s understandable because he acted well but Ho Yeon got the best female lead??? In the whole drama she just has only 1 expression. 

– Why do so many people criticize the actress so much??? I remember everyone complimenting her before

-Ho Yeon only has only one expression throughout the drama..

– Oh, is Ho Yeon the female lead? Why did she receive the best actress award? Or is it because she’s a female and has the most screen time among the female characters so she’s called the female lead

-The two men are so amazing, but the girl’s acting is bad like hell

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