The influence of ‘fans only’ on girl group BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK is famous as a group with the most fans-only (only like one member or a unit) in K-pop.

Recently, BLACKPINK has made a spectacular comeback with the full album BORN PINK and the title song Shut Down.  However, Jisoo‘s fans were extremely indignant towards YG Entertainment, claiming that Jisoo was treated badly.

Accordingly, YG chose an image without Jisoo as a thumbnail.  In addition, Rosé has a solo song on the album, “Hard To Love”, but the company did not announce it in advance, making fans feel that they were cheated.

JisooBAR released a statement saying, “We are happy to see a comeback after 2 years. But YG can’t even be honest with the information in the tracklist. This is disrespectful behavior towards the support of Jisoo’s fans. We will start taking action to protect Jisoo’s rights. Let’s unite and speak up together.”

Another Jisoo fanclub in China stated, “As a consumer, I can’t believe a company like YG can’t be honest with the basic information in the tracklist. From now on, except for Jisoo’s own personal products, we won’t buy anything from YG.”

This is not the first time that BLACKPINK’s individual fan communities have announced that they will not support the group’s products to protect their idols.  Previously, LisaBAR also announced to stop buying the album BORN PINK because YG Entertainment made many mistakes when uploading Lisa’s concept teaser video.  At the same time, the company did not update her solo album sales for a long time, affecting her achievement.

In 2021, LisaBAR announced to stop buying BLACKPINK albums indefinitely. The reason is that YG Entertainment did not want Lisa to attend Bvlgari’s fashion show while all other members attended Paris Fashion Week.

“Based on how the company treats Lisa’s solo as well as private work projects, we have decided to indefinitely stop buying BLACKPINK related albums. I hope the company will have a response as soon as possible,” announced LisaBAR.

In fact, fans only contribute a lot to BLACKPINK’s album sales.  LisaBAR used to spend 9 million yuan in comeback fund to buy products.  When Lisa made her solo debut, LALISA quickly reached 700 thousand pre-orders.

Since BLACKPINK is a group with a large number of fans only, YG Entertainment should focus on BLACKPINK’s activities.  Many big fandoms are also not afraid to stop supporting the whole group and just protecting their favorite members.

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