Idols cast as K-drama leads is a problem? Controversy over Son Naeun and Kim Dasom’s acting

Viewers complain about the acting ability of former Apink member Son Naeun and Sistar member Kim Dasom in their drama lead roles. 

Idol-turned actresses taking on lead roles in dramas is said to break viewers’ immersion in the stories due to their lacking acting skills and presence. 

Former Sistar member Kim Dasom is appearing in MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Kokdu: Season of Deity”, which premiered on January 27th. She plays Tae Jeong Won, a doctor and Do Jin Woo’s (Kim Jung Hyun) ex-girlfriend, someone with both beauty and intelligence.

Kim Da-som

Tae Jeong Won shows lingering feelings for Do Jin Woo and forms a rivalry with Han Gye Jeol (Im Soo Hyang). Tae Jeong Won is a feisty and arrogant character. However, rather than building up the drama’s tension, Kim Dasom hinders viewers’ immersion with her unnatural facial expressions, unchangingly round eyes, and awkward stares. Her awkward vocalization and inconsistent tone also receive complaints.

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” draws attention as the comeback drama of Kim Jung Hyun after his self-reflection due to the controversy over his personal life. Even in the situation of embracing such a burden, Kim Jung Hyun has been receiving favorable reviews for his acting, from good vocalization to expressions. Im Soo Hyang is also praised for creating a good chemistry with Kim Jung Hyun. 

Kim Da-som

While the main leads do a good job, the lack of acting skills of Kim Dasom, who plays the second lead, becomes a problem. This is not Kim Dasom’s first acting challenge. She has built up her filmography with lead and supporting roles in various dramas. It’s just a shame that she hasn’t shown any noticeable progress for 10 years since she started acting.

The same goes for former Apink member Son Naeun. In JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday ongoing drama “Agency”, Son Naeun plays Kang Han Na, an immature third-generation chaebol who does business with her intuition rather than her head. Toward the middle of the drama’s run, Son Naeun has been embroiled in controversy over her acting.

Kim Da-som

Kang Han Na is not an easy character to play. She looks thoughtless and immature, but she is quick-witted and knows how to take care of herself. It requires an actor with detailed and three-dimensional acting skills to portray this character.

However, Son Naeun frustrates viewers with her repetitive, awkward expressions and inaccurate vocalization. Her portrayal is flat and one-dimensional, thus reduces the viewer’s immersion. No matter how much she dresses up in fancy clothes, her character’s charm doesn’t live up to her looks.

Although she takes up a large portion of the drama’s development as the second lead, there is no place for Son Naeun to show off her presence among prominent actors like Lee Bo Young and Jo Sung Ha.

Son Naeun Agency

Of course, many idol-turned-actors have been recognized for their outstanding acting skills, such as IU, Im Si Wan, Im Yoona, Do Kyung Soo, Lee Jun Ho, etc. However, they must have put in more effort than others because controversy over idols’ acting skills has not stopped arising. Gone are the days when actors can get a pass with only their pretty faces.

Source: Naver. 

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