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Kim Jong Kook, “My mom fell sick and had to visit the hospital several times… She is now recovering”

Kim Jong Kook prepared a surprise cooking event for his sick mother on “My Little Old Boy”. 

In SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”, which aired on January 29th, Kim Jong Kook prepared a cooking event for his mother. On this day, Lee Sang Min, Kim Hee Chul, and Dindin came to Kim Jong Kook’s house. Lee Sang Min said, “Good son Jong Kook said he would learn to cook from me because of his mother.”

Kim Jong Kook

In response, DinDin asked, “Why do you suddenly cook for your mother?” Kim Jong Kook said, “It’s New Year’s Eve, and my mother is not feeling well, so she went to the hospital several times. Now she’s much better, but she still needs to recover, so her meals are important,” explaining why he prepared a cooking event for his mother.

However, Kim Hee Chul said, “Hyung, you can’t cook,” and Kim Jong Kook expressed his confidence, saying, “I’m really good at doing what I’m told to do.”

Kim Jong Kook

Lee Sang Min said, “The most precious meal in the world is not made of good ingredients, but a meal cooked by your own son.” Kim Jong Kook then told Lee Sang Min, “If I knew you were going to be this serious, I would have called Lee Sun Kyun.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Kook’s mother temporarily sat out of “My Little Old Boy” in April of last year due to health problems.

Source: Nate. 

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