The Fashion Item BLACKPINK’s Jennie Loves that Boosted Sales Fourfold

Unveiling the Ballet Core Look trend and the remarkable surge in sales of Mary Jane shoes, a favorite by Jennie. 

The combination of ballet wear and everyday fashion, known as “ballet core look,” is gaining popularity among the MZ generation women in Korea this year. 

In particular, sales of Mary Jane shoes, reminiscent of ballet shoes, have seen a four-fold increase in sales on major fashion platforms, becoming a hit item.


The ballet core look refers to a style that combines a basic, body-hugging top with a voluminous lace tutu skirt (or a flowing wrap skirt), paired with leg warmers or Mary Jane shoes.

This style highlights a slim figure while emphasizing femininity and is becoming increasingly popular among women in their 10s to 20s. 

Moreover, this fashion trend has especially gained attention as it is loved by BLACKPINK Jennie, as part of her world tour outfits.

blackpink jennie concert

Mary Jane shoes, which have a rounded toe and straps that wrap around the instep, are in high demand. Chanel and Miu Miu are luxury brands known for their Mary Jane shoes.

In fact, according to a fashion trend analysis based on user big data conducted last month, the search volume for “ballerina shoes” increased by about 16 times (1560%) compared to the same period last year. The search volume for “Mary Jane loafers” increased by about 3.5 times (255%), and “Mary Jane pumps” increased by about 2.5 times (140%).

With the increasing interest, sales have also been on the rise. On the fashion platform Musinsa, the sales of Mary Jane shoes in April increased by 3.4 times compared to the same month last year. 

Jennie blackpink seoul concert

The industry expects the ballet core look to continue to be popular until this summer.

A fashion industry insider stated, “The popularity of Mary Jane shoes, which started last year, is expected to continue this year. It is anticipated that steady sales will continue due to its design that is not heavily influenced by seasons.

In addition, bolero cardigans, various skirt lengths derived from tutu skirts, hair accessories such as scrunchies, which are considered essential for Mary Jane shoes and ballet looks, are also gaining attention. Leg warmers, which were popular items in the 90s, have also become trendy items in Korea.

Source: mk.co.kr

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