The Current Path of Trainee A, HYBE’s Once Promising Project

Pre-debut group Trainee A was once expected to be one of HYBE’s grandest projects, only to later fall through

In January 2022, HYBE’s pre-debut group, Trainee A, was officially introduced with 7 members, including Leo, Yorch, Sangwon, Woochan, James, JJ, and Jihoon. As there were already activities of these trainees previously, the group immediately garnered a hefty fanbase, and was expected to debut for real in 2023. 

Trainee A

However, in August 2022, Leo, a core member, became embroiled in a controversy over “misogynistic lyrics”, and eventually left the project.

In December 2022, official accounts of Trainee A were all closed, and Yorch revealed on his Instagram that “the project has been ended”, leaving many fans devastated. 

With Trainee A officially canceled, each member has embarked on their separate paths.

Leo, for instance, joined 131 Label – the agency of former iKON’s B.I, in July 2023. He then released the single “One Look”. 

Meanwhile, Sangwon has released several songs on Soundcloud, and Woochan created an Instagram account where he occasionally updates fans on his current situation.


In April 2023, Yorch made his solo debut in Thailand with the digital single “Seven”. In October of the same year, he officially became a member of Kpop boy group POW.

Finally, JJ and Jihoon were suspected to debut with Pledis’ upcoming boy group in the first quarter of 2024. The two allegedly attended a SEVENTEEN concert earlier in 2023, and James recently appeared as a dancer for BTS’s Jungkook. 

Whilst many fans are disappointed over never getting to see Trainee A as a group, many are glad that each member are following their own path and hope for their success in the future. 

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