“The Childe” Kim Seon Ho, “I almost stood up at the movie premiere, couldn’t sleep the night before”

Actor Kim Seon Ho talked about his debut film “The Childe” and experience of working with director Park Hoon Jung.

On June 12th, Kim Seon Ho had an interview with Wikitree at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Seoul ahead of “The Childe” premiere.

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“The Childe” depicts the chase of madness that begins when the mysterious man named “Nobleman” (Kim Seon Ho) and other forces appear in front of the boy Marco (Kang Tae Joo), a boxer who moves around illegal stadiums in the Philippines, with different purposes. It’s a new work by director Park Hoon Jung, who created “New World” and “The Witch”, and also the movie debut of Kim Seon Ho.

When asked if he felt nervous when making his first appearance in public after a while with his first movie, Kim Seon Ho said, “I haven’t watched the movie properly. I don’t think an actor should feel satisfied with his acting. When I first saw myself looking so big on the screen, I thought ‘Oh no, I’m in big trouble’.”

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He continued, “When I saw my English lines, I really wanted to say ‘Look at it’, but I just immediately stood up, so senior Kim Kang Woo told me, ‘It’s okay’. I calmed myself down and continued watching the movie but I actually lost my mind”, adding “I don’t remember what I saw well and cannot give any objective evaluation either. I think I’ll have to watch it one more time”, drawing laughter.

Revealing that he couldn’t sleep the day before the interview, Kim Seon Ho shared, “My eyes hurt so I had to put eye drops in three times. I tend to feel nervous and worried about such events. I remember sleeping only 30 minutes a day when I had my first drama leading role”, adding “Fortunately, the movie set was not much different.”

kim seon ho

Regarding his collaboration with director Park Hoon Jung, Kim Seon Ho, who admitted that he’s a fan of “The Witch” and “New World”, also said, “I approached the director’s worldview as a fan. Even if you suddenly ask the director a question, it would only take him only a second to answer. He prepared all the character’s narratives carefully and had a basic framework for his work”, adding, “Rather than making a movie with complete realism material, I think cartoon and fantasy elements were also added. We all have dreams of fantasy, right? I think he is a good director who can fill that dream”, expressing strong trust in the director.

Source: Wikitree

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