Following TWICE, Stray Kids also suffer from extreme schedules and mistreatment, enraging fans

Fans are showing worry over the packed schedules and injuries of this JYP boy group. 

TWICE’s heavy schedules across their career is no strange topic to Kpop fans. In fact, the girl group barely gets any rest for years on end, leading to fans protesting and accusing JYP of “milking” TWICE with continuous album releases and schedules. 

twice comeback
TWICE once made headlines for their extremely packed schedules. 

However, as TWICE eases up in their 7th year together, JYP seems to be applying this intense schedule on TWICE’s junior, the famous boy group “Stray Kids”, instead. 

Stray Kids
Stray Kids is now suffering from the same intense working level as TWICE in the past
Stray Kids
On July 26th and 27th, they flew to Japan to perform more concerts

However, with barely any break, Stray Kids was confirmed to be among the lineup of the Star Athletic Championships (ISAC), which will be filmed from July 30th to August 1st.

ISAC thumbnail
Stray Kids is scheduled to film for ISAC from July 30th to August 1st. 

Meanwhile, ISAC have been drawing concerns for their long filming period, lack of break, and a huge number of participants facing injuries every year. Therefore, fans are gravely concerned about Stray Kids’ appearance on the show, especially when they only have 2 days of break from their tour. 

stray kids
Fans are concerned about Stray Kids’ appearance on ISAC

On top of all this, right after ISAC, Stray Kids member Lee Know will be emceeing for “Music Core!” on August 8th, while the entire group has schedules planned for August 10th, 10th, 14th, and 20th. 

stray kids lee know
Lee Know will be an MC on “Music Core” on August 8th. 

While these activities help to extend Stray Kids’ popularity further, the health statuses of many members prove to be worrying. Hyunjin, for example, is suffering from a hand injury. 

stray kids
Hyunjin and Bang Chan have hand injuries, while Felix has been having back problems

Netizens believe that letting Stray Kids attend a sports competition in their health conditions can be extremely risky, especially as they never get to rest properly. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Felix, Jeongin, and Lee Know need time to properly recover after contacting COVID-19. Felix is also having back pains while Hyunjin’s arm is a confirmed injury. Their schedule is already full enough, let Stray Kids rest!
  • Stray Kids’ health should be a priority. Can’t JYP do something already?
  • It’s important to get proper breaks and relax, please just let them get a break 
  • Can’t say I expect any better of JYP, the same happened in 2019 and everyone looked exhausted. 
stray kids seung min lee know
In 2019, Seungmin and Lee Know dozed off in exhaustion at ISAC
stray kids
Felix, Jeongin, and Hyunjin were also extremely tired. 

With hope that JYP Entertainment will act to ensure their artists’ health, fans are trending the hashtags “#LET THEM REST” and “#Let Stray Kids Rest” on Twitter.

Stray Kids-Maniac
Fans are demanding for JYP to ease up Stray Kids’ intense schedule
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