The selection process of Music Bank’s Ending Fairy, as revealed by PD

Music Bank PD revealed the process of selecting the ending fairy, which focuses on evaluating overall suitability rather than just popularity.

Recently, NMIXX members Sullyoon, Haewon, and Jiwoo visited the KBS broadcasting station. During their meeting with the Music Bank PD, Haewon asked a question that many K-Pop fans have been curious about: “How does the broadcasting station select the member to become the ending fairy? Do you choose the most popular member?”

The PD then revealed the process of selecting the ending fairy for Music Bank. Accordingly, at the beginning of each week, the Music Bank PD will nominate members from each group. After that, experienced directors will discuss and evaluate the nominated members to determine the most suitable candidate. The final decision will be made on the day of recording.

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Netizens left comments on this revelation: 

  • Are the groups’ companies not responsible for choosing the representative members?
  • We want to see the whole group in the ending fairy shots again.
  • The ending fairy segments are becoming unnecessary and overdone.
  • I can’t help but feel secondhand embarrassment when watching the ending fairies.
  • Bring back the group ending shots, please!
  • While I love my biases, I prefer seeing the group endings.
  • Sometimes they fit two or three members into one shot, and it’s too quick to appreciate their expressions.
  • I worry that the members who are never chosen will feel left out  
  • We’ve had enough of the ending fairies. It makes me cringe every time. 
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