“Suspicion of self-plagiarism” Shinsadong Tiger “I have no intention of damaging HyunA’s unique image”

Composer Shinsadong Tiger explained the suspicion of self-plagiarism regarding singer HyunA’s hit song “Bubble Pop”.

Recently, suspicions emerged that girl group TRI.BE‘s new song “WE ARE YOUNG” (produced by Shinsadong Tiger) self-plagiarized HyunA‘s “Bubble Pop”. “Bubble Pop” was released in 2011 and was written and composed by Shinsadong Tiger.

Hyuna Bubble Pop

In an interview with an entertainment media outlet, Shinsadong Tiger explained, “I made ‘WE ARE YOUNG’ based on ‘Bubble Pop’. You can think of it as ‘Bubble Pop 2’. My intention was to reinterpret the past sensibility in the current style and show it with TRI.BE’s energy.”

He emphasized, “There was no intention to copy HyunA’s image or performance. I don’t want TRI.BE members to change into ‘6 HyunA’. I have no intention of damaging HyunA’s unique image.”

Hyuna Bubble Pop

Some argued that TRI.BE intentionally copied not only the song but also HyunA’s image and performance. However, it seems to be over as Sinsadong Tiger denied the controversy. HyunA has not made any particular position.

Shinsadong Tiger

HyunA debuted in 2007 with JYP Entertainment’s girl group Wonder Girls. After that, she left Wonder Girls and re-debuted with 4Minute. After 4Minute disbanded, she has been working as a solo singer and released many hit songs. Recently, rumors of her reunion with ex-boyfriend Dawn surfaced.

Source: wikitree

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