“The difference is desperation” Kang So Ra revealed her secret to losing 20kg after giving birth

Actress Kang So Ra, who lost 20kg after giving birth, introduced her diet secret.

Recently, Wikitree conducted an interview with actress Kang So Ra of ENA’s drama “Strangers Again” at a cafe in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

On this day, Kang So Ra talked about her success in losing 20kg after giving birth, “Actually, I’ve told everyone several times. There’s nothing new. Everyone knows it. I exercised and managed my diet diligently.”

Kang So-ra

She continued, “Everyone asks me a lot of diet-related questions, but there’s nothing special. The difference is desperation.”

She revealed her secret, “I worked out hard because I wanted to start working again quickly. I got back into shape mainly by Pilates and gym.”

Kang So Ra married an oriental doctor 8 years older than her in 2020, and gave birth to a daughter in April 2021.


She shared, “I thought living my life well would be the biggest help for my child. In terms of childcare, I received a lot of help from people around me while filming.”

Meanwhile, Kang So Ra returned to the small screen after 6 years with “Strangers Again”. In this drama, Kang So Ra played Oh Ha Ra, a star divorce lawyer.

Source: Wikitree

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