The career of “Hotel Del Luna” cast after 3 years: Yeo Jin Goo may be struggling the most

3 years after “Hotel Del Luna” went viral across Asia, how has the life of its cast member changed? 

With viewership ratings peaking at 12%, “Hotel Del Luna” is among the most popular K-dramas of 2019. The series, which was penned by the famous screenwriter duo Hong sisters, successfully established IU and Yeo Jin Goo’s names in the acting world, and also boosted newer faces like Kang Mi Na and Lee Do Hyun to stardom. Let’s see how things have changed now that it has been 3 years since “Hotel Del Luna” ended. 


The role of the gorgeous, arrogant, and chic hotel owner Jang Man Wol in “Hotel Del Luna” helped IU prove her acting abilities after years of being criticized. The K-drama also earned IU a nomination for Best Actress at the prestigious Baeksang Arts Awards, making it her 2nd time being nominated after “My Mister”. 

Hotel Del Luna 2701222

After the year 2019 filled with acting projects “Persona”, “Hotel Del Luna”, and “Shades Of The Heart”, IU decided to take a break from acting and focus on her music career. It was not until 2022 that the idol-actress returned with the box-office hit “Broker”, which was produced by famous director Hirokazy Koreeda. Thanks to this project, IU got to star alongside A-class actors like Song Kang Ho, Kang Dong Won, Bae Doona, and was invited to attend the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. 

IU cosmopolitan

“Broker” can also be considered a drastic turn in IU’s acting career. However, some audiences did comment that IU’s acting was lacking, considering that she was acting alongside well-recognized and seasoned talents. Whether you agree with these opinions or not, it’s undoubted that fans of IU can feel proud of her big steps as an actress who have gained both critical acclaim and commercial success. 


Yeo Jin Goo 

Like IU, 2019 was also a hectic year for Yeo Jin Goo, who starred in a total of 3 words, all madly successful: “The Crowned Clown”, “My Absolute Boyfriend”, and “Hotel Del Luna”. Among those, “The Crowned Clown” earned the actor rave critical reviews, then “Hotel Del Luna” helped him with public recognition.

Yeo Jingoo

However, after “Hotel Del Luna”, Yeo Jin Goo’s career may be going downhill. In 2020, his only appearance on the small screen was a cameo in “Start Up”, while in 2021, his work “Beyond Evil” is highly praised but not too popular. 

yeo jin goo

2022, however, has so far been a bad year for Yeo Jin Goo. In particular, his latest work, “Link: Eat, Love, Kill”, recorded ratings as low as 1%, and its script also gained criticisms from many viewers. Experts also don’t seem too fond of this acting project. 

Yeo Jingoo

Kang Mi Na 

Compared to Kim Se Jeong, her previous member in Kpop girl groups “gugudan” and “I.O.I” – Kang Mi Na seems to be falling rather far behind. However, the idol-actress is slowly gaining her footing within the acting industry. 

20th Century Boy and Girl

After “Hotel Del Luna”, Kang Mi Na played minor roles in “My Roommate Is A Gumiho”, then assumed more major characters in “Moonshine” and the ongoing series “Cafe Minamdang”. While not overwhelmingly popular, viewers have to admit that Kang Mi Na has improved both her acting skills and presence within the acting world.

Kang Mina

Hopefully, Kang Mi Na will grow even further and earn more opportunities to show her full capabilities.

Lee Do Hyun

Having the fastest growing career among the cast of Hotel Del Luna is Lee Do Hyun – a supporting character.

Lee Do Hyun

Despite only playing a small supporting role, Lee Do Hyun was still able to flutter viewers’ hearts thanks to his emotional acting skills and attractive appearance. Three years since Hotel Del Luna, Lee Do Hyun has become one of the most prominent young actors.

lee do hyun 15022022 1

Thanks to the success of 18 Again, this actor became the Best Male Rookie (TV series) at the Baeksang Arts Awards 2021. Meanwhile, his role in Youth Of May also helped him get a nomination and a high probability of winning the Best Male Rookie Award at Blue Dragon Series Awards 2022.

lee do hyun

At the end of this year, the project “The Glory” that he collaborated with Song Hye Kyo will be released and this is considered one of the highly anticipated projects this year.  If The Glory is a huge success, Lee Do Hyun will surely continue to step up a new level in his career.

Source: Dienanh

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