Info about “Pyramid Game”: How many episodes, cast, webtoon, ending

The response to TVING's original series "Pyramid Game" is extraordinary

Pyramid Game” is a web drama based on the popular webtoon of the same name, released on Feb 29th. The drama tells the story of an all-girls high school where popularity polls are used to rank students in class, and the differential treatment leads to school violence.

The cast of “Pyramid Game” includes many rookie actors, receiving praise for opening up a new world of school psychological thriller with an unconventional and creative worldview. This is one of the significant factors that make “Pyramid Game” more appealing to many.

The cast of “Pyramid Game” includes Kim Ji-yeon (as Seong Su-ji), Jang Da-ah (as Baek Ha-rin), Ryu Da-in (as Myeong Ja-eun), Shin Seul-ki (as Seo Do-ah), Kang Na-eon (as Im Ye-rim), Jeong Ha-dam (as Go Eun-byeol), Ha Yul-ri (as Bang Woo-i), Hwang Hyun-jung (as Kim Da-yeon), Lee Joo-yeon (as Shim Eun-jung), Oh Se-eun (as Song Jae-hyung), Kim Se-hee (as Pyo Ji-ae), Choi Yoon-seo (as Gu Seol-ha), Ahn So-yo (as Yun Na-hee), Son Ji-na (as Im Sun-ae), Joo Bo-young (as Jo Woo-ri) and Lee Da-kyung (as Yoon Ye-won).

“Pyramid Game” is causing a huge sensation not only in Korea but also overseas.

The major British media outlet BBC compared “Pyramid Game” to “Squid Game”, one of Netflix’s biggest hits, and praised it highly. BBC analyzed, “‘Pyramid Game’ is the new ‘Squid Game’. ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Pyramid Game’ are unique in giving audiences around the world a glimpse into some of the real-life circumstances many in South Korea live in.”

According to BBC’s report, film critic Nemo Kim commented, “The themes of both works are all too familiar. It’s important to note that for South Koreans, the debt-ridden circumstances of the contestants in ‘Squid Game’ are not something that only exist in a fictional dystopian world. We could argue that many people around the world suffer from similar situations, but South Korea is notorious for its lack of job security. The school setting of ‘Pyramid Game’ is the same. South Korean schools are notorious for bullying between students, and we’ve also had several teachers committing suicide at school due to harassment from parents and students.

Sociologist and author Nancy Wang Yuen evaluated, “Audiences like series such as ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Pyramid Game’ because the violence is part of a game – and that makes it easier to watch. The fact that these are predicated on games rather than pure evil or unknown factors makes them more digestible.” She concluded that these works share a common popularity factor.

Pyramid Game

“Pyramid Game” consists of 10 episodes. 4 episodes were released on the first release date, Feb 29th, and since then, two episodes have been released every Thursday at 12 PM.

As the drama unfolds in unexpected directions each week, there is also considerable interest in the ending of “Pyramid Game”. The original webtoon “Pyramid Game” concludes with a happy ending where most of the students in class 2–5 find peace again. Curiosity is growing about whether the drama “Pyramid Game” will also end with the same conclusion as the webtoon.

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