What consequences do Korean stars suffer after being entangled in a bullying scandal

After allegations of bullying increased, artists were accused of halting activities and withdrew from participating projects.  In which, the most severely affected cases are that of Ji Soo, Lee Na Eun, and Seol Hyun.

After former AOA member Kwon Mina said she has yet to receive Seol Hyun’s apology, Korean audiences became extremely angry and boycotted the 1995-born female idol.

On March 8, Vogue Korea magazine deleted a video interviewing Seol Hyun made on March 6.  In the video, Seol Hyun said, “This year has been a difficult year for everyone.  But there are still so many people supporting me, making me realize that it is my responsibility to stand up for everything that happens.  You mean a lot to me “.

Netizens left many negative comments, claiming that the audience did not want to see the AOA member appear on the media anymore.  In addition, many people criticized this magazine for still inviting Seol Hyun to participate in an interview when she was accused of bullying a member of the same group.  According to Mina, Seol Hyun ignored, not discouraged, or helped, left her to be bullied by former leader Shin Ji Min.

Before that, when the incident broke out in 2020, Seol Hyun’s contracts with the brands were canceled, all images related to her were removed from the stores.  Before that, the 26-year-old female idol was once called the “advertising queen”.

AOA’s bullying scandal was “hot” again when allegations of school violence have stunned showbiz recently. While Seo Soo Jin ((G)I-DLE) and Hwang Hyun Jin (Stray Kids) admitted having committed wrongdoing, then stopped working, Lee Na Eun has yet to speak up after being accused of bullying former member Lee Hyun Joo.

However, Lee Na Eun still has to suffer serious consequences when the scandal has affected brands and film crews.

According to an article by Xports News, brands that have collaborated with Lee Na Eun are considering the plan to cancel the contracts with her.  Member of April’s posters from the stores is all removed.

In addition, the Taxi Driver crew also announced the removal of Lee Na Eun from the main cast.  According to the production crew, the film has already shot 60% and Na Eun’s scenes – as the male lead Lee Je Hoon’s younger sister – are almost complete.  Although incurring a sizable budget, the Taxi Driver crew still decided to re-film all the above scenes instead of using the face transplant technique.  The person chosen to replace Lee Na Eun is actress Pyo Ye Jin.

A similar situation also happened with the movie River Where The Moon Rises.  Kim Ji Soo – playing the male lead On Dal – got involved in a scandal of school violence and serious sexual harassment, leading to the production crew having to re-film all the actor’s scenes.

Before the scandal happened, ” River Where The Moon Rises ” has finished filming 18/20 episodes, the drama was also broadcast to episode 6. In order to replace the scenes of Ji Soo, the production crew has to work hard to re-film all the scenes from episode 7 in just a few short days.

According to Sports Seoul, actor Na In Woo – who replaced Kim Ji Soo – had to work twice as hard as his co-stars. He always holds the script in hand to learn the lines because there is no time to prepare.  Sympathizing with the situation of the production crew, the film’s cast also agreed not to increase the remuneration, even though they had to re-film almost the entirety of the drama. 

Sources: zing

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