The Blue House responds to the petition related to tvN’s Snowdrop

Recently, the Korean press has updated the latest information related to the Snowdrop project – the film marking the first lead role of the female idol, Jisoo (BLACKPINK).  Specifically, after receiving more than 220,000 petitions requesting the cancellation of the project from citizens, the Blue House has officially posted information related to this drama

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As petitions to cancel the drama are on the rise, The Blue House addressed the concerns to stop the airing of dramas that allegedly distort history. Therefore, the Blue House has also taken an official stance on the controversy surrounding the drama Snowdrop

“On March 26, after taking into consideration the severity of historical distortion in ‘Joseon Exorcist’, the decision was made to take the show off air. For ‘Snowdrop’, the broadcast station claimed the controversy was due to the incomplete synopsis and partially released character introductions, resulting in one-sided information. It’s not a drama that disparages the Democratic Movement or romanticizes spies. The drama is currently in production.”

the Blue House stated

 “In the fourth clause in the broadcast law, independence and freedom are guaranteed, and due to the law, non-legal regulation or interference is not allowed. In particular, as creative works are free to pursue their own individualistic expression, it’s something that needs to be approached with caution. The government respects the free choices and restraint that will be exercised with sensitivity by creators, producers, and consumers with regards to content that has stirred up the public.”

they added

The Blue House further stated the drama will be dealt with if the plot severely distorts history after airing. Therefore, the producers will take full responsibility for it.

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Snowdrop marks the first drama that BLACKPINK Jisoo takes the lead role

As scheduled, Snowdrop will air in this September. We will continue to update relevant information!

Source: K14

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