NMIXX’s Lily shows off incredible vocals in a cover and dubbed 4th gen’s next best vocalist after aespa’s NingNing

NMIXX has just debuted but member Lily has already left a strong impression on netizens with her singing. 

JYP’s new girl group NMIXX has been creating a buzz lately with their debut. With the members’ visuals, talents and charm, NMIXX has the potential to become one of the top girl groups of Kpop 4th generation. 


Although the debut title track “O.O” has received mixed reactions, NMIXX’s vocals do not disappoint. Among the members, main vocal Lily has impressed netizens the most with her powerful voice. On March 9th, after she had a short cover of Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry on BTOB’s Kiss The Radio, Lily‘s vocals went viral on SNS.

Lily did a short cover to Sorry Not Sorry and showed off her powerful vocals 

Netizens left many comments praising Lily after watching this cover, even saying that Lily is 4th gen’s best main vocalist, a title that was previously given to aespa’s NingNing.

  • Her resonance shows that she has a very excellent singing technique.
  • So powerful. Normally, I love low female vocals but I don’t understand why I feel her voice is a bit noisy.
  • She’s a really good vocalist.
  • Lily’s vocal can be the best of Gen 4 currently. It can even be compared with Gen 2, Gen 3.
  • I have watched the videos of her singing very carefully: her technique, moderation, processing, and voice color are all good.
  • Stepping out of Kpop Star after training for another 7 years, vocal Lily is still the best.
NMIXX Lily cover
Lily’s voice is even considered the best vocal of Gen 4
NMIXX Lily cover
NingNing (aespa) now has a new rival!
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