Jo In-sung on “Boss By Chance 2” can even make Dr. Oh Eun-young cry with his sweet words and affectionate eyes 

Jo In-sung’s friendly reactions and witty talk has captivated not only the villagers but also the viewers’ hearts.

Jo In-seong-The President 2

The second day of business in Gongsan-myeon came to light on tvN’s “Boss By Chance 2,” which aired on Mar 10th. Jo In-sung quickly and  naturally adapted to the village life, responding with his utmost to each and every guest visiting their supermarket. 

Jo In-sung was humble to customers who asked about the secret of his broth, but also drew laughter from the guests with his sensible answer, saying the secret ingredient was “My heart.” He then guided the customers looking for BBQ meat at once, and even added a sensible self-appeal by saying, “Only Jo In-sung can give you the biggest piece.” He continued to show his excellent sales skills by promoting their products skillfully to a customer who came to purchase clothes for their parent. 

Jo In-seong-The President 2

He also showed a calm side of him. Not only praising the daughter who comes to see her parents every month but also making eye contact and nodding to the couple guests who express their gratitude to each other and talking deeply. He also expressed sincere respect by listening to the stories of rich customers who work together in delivery service. Even if it was the first time seeing each other, Jo In-sung’s appearance of comfortably asking after each other and talking to each other like a long-time neighbor highlighted the charm of the human Jo In-sung

As such, Jo In-sung shares his heart with the villagers, sometimes with humorous jokes, sometimes with a humble attitude and sincere words. Jo In-sung‘s attitude of life, which makes the viewers happy, is not just his plain words, but also his warmth, comfort and sympathy to everyone around him.

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