“Street Woman Fighter 2” crews are popular even before official broadcast, exceeding 5 million views within 3 days

With celebrities’ support certifications, Mnet’s new program “Street Woman Fighter 2” is gaining more popularity.

On June 23rd, Mnet’s dance survival program “Street Woman Fighter 2” unveiled the lineup of 8 dance crews aiming for victory and the “K-POP Death Match Mission”. Upon hearing the news, the public as well as celebrities have been showing explosive reactions, raising high expectations even before the official broadcast.


Uhm Jung Hwa, who is enjoying another heyday in her career, captured the thumbnail of 1MILLION from the Youtube channel “THE CHOOM” and posted it on her SNS account. She promoted the crew by tagging the account of 1MILLION’s leader Lia Kim. Singers Jo Kwon and Woodz (Cho Seung Yeon) also cheered for 1MILLION on their personal accounts. Choi Ye Na mentioned 1MILLION member Reddy by posting a heart emoticon with the caption “Reddy, you’re the best”. (G)I-DLE also sent a message to 1MILLION, saying “You guys are so cool. I’m rooting for you. Fighting!”.

Zico took a screenshot of TSUBAKILL’s mission video and posted it on his SNS, cheering for TSUBAKILL by saying “Fighting” and gathering attention for “Street Woman Fighter 2”. NCT members Taeyong and Renjun poured enthusiastic support for dancer Bada, who used to work with them, and her crew BEBE. In particular, Taeyong left a warm message, saying “Our Bada is doing so well”. MAMAMOO Solar shouted for Deep N DAP, while former f(x) member Luna gave strength to TSUBAKILL with her comment, “Arkane, your dances are the best. Show them to everyone.”


As the competition has also aroused interest from overseas viewers, artists from various countries are also sending messages of support to the dance crews. BLACKPINK’s choreographer Kiel Tutin has actively shared about JAM REPUBLIC. In addition, famous Japanese group EXILE also publicly mentioned TSUBAKILL members Arkane, Miki, and Sayaka and cheered on them loudly.

The moves of dancers who participated in “Street Woman Fighter Season 1” and “Street Man Fighter” also drew attention. Young J, leader of “Street Man Fighter” champion Just Jerk, showed love for BEBE and LADYBOUNCE. 1MILLION’s Baek Gu Young is with BEBE’s leader Bada, and We Dem Boyz’s Vata dedicated his words of support for BEBE and TSUBAKILL’s Arkane. Leader of “Street Woman Fighter” winner HolyBang Honey J also expressed special affection for the teams in Season 2.


With hot cheers from global stars, “Street Woman Fighter 2” is expected to be a hit entertainment program, heralding fierce competition of excellent 8 crews, including 1MILLION led by world-renowned choreographer Lia Kim, Bada’s crew BEBE that captivates the MZ generation with unique dances, Deep N DAP led by Mina Myeong – the choreographer of MAMAMOO, Red Velvet & Jessi’s performances, “worldwide Avengers” JAM REPUBLIC, “longest-standing hip-hop female dance crew in Korea” LADYBOUNCE, MANNEQUEEN with famous dancers Funkyway, Wax, and Yoonji, TSUBAKILL consisting of Japanese dance masters, and “original street dance crew” Wolf’Lo.

The mission videos of the crews released on the Youtube channel “The CHOOM” before the show are also receiving enormous interest by entering Trending Video Ranking and surpassing 5 million cumulative views (as of June 26th). 

The global public voting for the “K-POP Death Match Mission”, which has been conducted through “The CHOOM” and Mnet Plus, will close at 12 p.m. on the 26th.

Source: Joy News24

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