The Baby Garden suddenly stopped requesting a broadcast ban on Netflix’s “In the Name of God”

The Baby Garden withdrew the injunction they filed against Netflix’s U.S. headquarters to ban “In the Name of God” broadcast.

On May 16th, YTN exclusively reported, “The Baby Garden submitted a broadcast ban injunction withdrawal to the Seoul Central District Court on May 15th”

In the Name of God

On March 29th, The Baby Garden filed an injunction against Netflix U.S. (headquarters), Netflix Worldwide Entertainment LLC, and Netflix Korea, claiming “‘In the Name of God’ gives false information about us”.

Earlier on March 8th, The Baby Garden also sued “In the Name of God” producers, including MBC, PD Cho Sung Hyun and Netflix Korea. However, they later withdrew the injunction against Netflix Korea. Media reported, “The final decision on the broadcast ban application is pending in court”, adding “The judge doubted the significance of the lawsuit, questioning the appropriateness of the broadcast ban application filed against MBC and others during the hearing held on March 24.”


Episodes 5 and 6 of Netflix’s documentary “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, which was released in March, focus on the story of Kim Ki Soon, the founder of The Baby Garden.

The Baby Garden is a collaborative village-type religious organization founded by Kim Ki Soon in 1982. “In the Name of God” exposed that Kim Ki Soon appropriated the personal properties of the believers as collective assets of the organization and made them engage in forced labor. It was also revealed that Kim Ki Soon established Synnara Records through donations from the believers.

Source: Wikitree

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