The 3 most popular supporting couples in the hottest Korean dramas right now: The “A Business Proposal” couple is so cute

The supporting couples below have occupied a place in the hearts of the audience.

Due to the presence of popular dramas such as “A Business Proposal”, “Forecasting Love And Weather”…, the Korean small screen in early 2022 is tremendously bustling. The supporting couples in these films, in particular, pique the public’s attention and affection just as much as the main ones.

1. Yoo Jin, Gi Jun (Forecasting Love And Weather)

Yura and Joon Park play the roles of Yoo Jin and Gi Jun in “Forecasting Love And Weather”. They’re all attractive actors, which has wowed spectators since the first scenes. The audience, on the other hand, did not like the roles they played because of the troubles that this couple caused.

2. Sung Hoon, Young Seo (A Business Proposal)

In “A Business Proposal”, the couple Sung Hoon (Kim Min Kyu) and Young Seo (Seol In Ah) are as popular as the main couple. From the moment they meet, Sung Hoon and Young Seo leave an indelible impression on one other. Young Seo, in particular, was so captivated with Sung Hoon that she called him “the destiny of her life.” After Young Seo moved house, the two accidentally became neighbors. But in contrast to the excited Young Seo, Sung Hoon always kept his distance from her and said that the two should not be too close. What caused Sung Hoon to have such a distant attitude towards Young Seo? Please look forward to the next developments of “A Business Proposal”! 

3. Yoo Rim, Ji Woong (Twenty Five, Twenty One)

The lovely love story of the couple Yoo Rim (Bona) and Ji Woong (Choi Hyun Wook) made many viewers smile every time they watched “Twenty Five, Twenty One.” Yoo Rim and Ji Woong are both high school students with pure and innocent looks. Ji Woong was called “the 3rd grade handsome boy” because of his outstanding appearance at school. Meanwhile, Yoo Rim rarely goes to class because she is a professional fencing athlete. Ji Woong has liked Yoo Rim for a long time, so whenever he has a chance to meet her, he enthusiastically helps and flirts with her. Yoo Rim seems cool in the match but is actually a shy girl when talking closely with Ji Woong.

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