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Lee Jun-ho appears on “City Fishers 4” in a fancy limousine…. The female staff stop working and form a cheering team for him

With Lee Jun-ho’s spectacular appearance is heralded, the viewers are raising high expectations for the new episode of “City Fishers 4”. 

Lee Jun-ho was recently announced as the new guest at the end of Episode 3 of Channel A’s entertainment program “City Fishers 4”, which aired on July 23rd.

Lee Jun Ho

The teaser shows a “telepathy fishing contest’ participated by best friends would be held in the next episode of “City Fishers 4”. Fancy limousines showed up at the fishery then guests Park Mi-sun and Jo Hye-ryeon appeared in turn, drawing attention.

Lee Jun Ho

Lee Jun-ho was the one who received the loudest cheers. Lee Jun-ho visited the fishery as Lee Deok-hwa’s best friend. In particular, the female production crew staff sat down right behind Lee Joon-ho, who was fishing without knowing what he was told to do, and cheered enthusiastically, drawing laughter. The actor, who wore simple sunglasses on that day, responded by applauding them.

Lee Jun Ho

Lee Jun-ho also showed his extraordinary desire to win. “I really want to catch the fish”, he said and began to fish passionately. However, the result seemed to be far different from his expectation as Lee Deok-hwa was seen showing “Hey, what are you doing?” to Lee Jun-ho. The scene raised the audience’s curiosity about whether Lee Jun-ho, who received the title “Failed Jun-ho”, will be able to catch a leather carp and restore his honor.

Lee Jun Ho

Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ho played King Jeongjo Yi-san in “The Red Sleeve”, which ended in January this year, and showed his amazing chemistry as grandfather and grandson in the drama with actor Lee Deok-hwa.

Source: Nate

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