Talent and good leadership, are special similarities of K-pop group leaders and it is the thing that surprises fans

Speaking of talented and dedicated leaders of the K-pop groups, of course we can’t forget G-Dragon (Big Bang), RM (BTS), etc.

40% of the world population have type A blood and that is also the blood type of most K-pop group leaders. People with blood type A are often described as perfectionists which are serious, delicate, courteous and patient. They are meticulous with every detail, ambitious and are always trying to pursue their goals. Therefore, if a leader has blood type A, maybe they are fully qualified to become a good leader.

1. Jinyoung (B1A4)

The handsome leader, Jinyoung is not only known for his talent in music, composing or dancing but he is also loved for being a guy which has blood type A (being delicate, courteous and never getting angry). It’s true that the famous guy of K-pop world is a gentle, kind and a man who never talks shit about other people. An old classmate has revealed many good stories about him since highschool such as using his shirt to cover a wound of a female friend, staying by a bullied friend’s side, and cleaning broken glass.
He is also known to be a gentleman with women.

2. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Exactly opposite with the perfect and friendly image on the stage, G-Dragon in real life is very introverted and ambitious. He always tries to reach his own goals silently, which is also a special charisma of the blood type A guys. Not only that, he is also talented, cool and charismatic. G-Dragon is also a delicate and powerful leader, who has led Big Bang through numerous waves of scandals and controversies in many years of being active as an idol group.
This is definitely the image that many young idols are desiring to become in the future.

3. JB (GOT7)

The leader of GOT7, JB is also a blood-type A guy with a willingness to devote himself to work and he has great ability of working in a team. That’s the reason why he can win the hearts of people around him easily, especially the hearts of women.
JB cares about GOT7 members a lot, whether on stage or in normal day life.

4. RM (BTS)

A talented leader of BTS, a good rapper, that’s what people regard RM as. Not only being talented at rapping or composing, the male idol is also known as a warm and ambitious guy who always desire to win, he cares about BTS and their fans a lot. This is also a characteristic of a blood type A.
It’s not wrong to say that RM is one of the best leaders in the K-pop industry.

5. Doojoon (HIGHLIGHT)

If you are a fan of HIGHLIGHT, you would probably know that Doojoon is a very kind and caring person and his characteristics represents people of the blood type A. That’s the reason why he was chosen to be the leader of the group before their debut.
It would’ve been a shortcoming if we didn’t mention Doojoon. He is a talented and dedicated leader.

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