Song Hye Kyo reveals mom’s reaction to her Best Actress award, thoughts on “The Glory” & recognition in her 40s

Actress Song Hye Kyo expressed her sincere feelings about the successful drama “The Glory” in a recent interview.

JTBC reported an interview with Song Hye Kyo on August 1st. Visiting JTBC’s office building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul  for the interview, the actress wore a gray suit dress, black stockings, and black high heels.’

Song Hye Kyo reveals mom’s reaction to her Best Actress award

Song Hye Kyo recently won Best Actress at the Baeksang Arts Awards for her performance as Moon Dong Eun in “The Glory”. In her acceptance speech, the actress mentioned her family, saying “My mom is very worried about me these days”. 

In this regard, Song Hye Kyo shared, “My mom was really happy. She was so delighted to see me receive such a big award for this great project. Right after the awards ceremony ended, I called her and she was so happy. Mom enjoyed watching ‘The Glory’, and I think she was even happier because I received an award for this work. My mom is normally quite cold-hearted. She won’t watch a drama/movie if she doesn’t find it interesting even if it’s a project I participate in. I do wonder how the viewers will respond to my work, but I’m always worried about my mom’s reaction first. Her perspective is also connected to the viewers’ response.”

Song Hye Kyo reveals mom’s reaction to her Best Actress award

Regarding the reward, Song Hye Kyo humbly said, “It’s not that I wanted to win an award because I did well. It was because ‘The Glory’ was truly a great project with amazing director, writer, and actors. I wanted to share a happy moment with them there. Although there are still many things I need to improve, I felt a little more ambitious this time because it was my first time challenging a genre that is completely different from my previous works and gained huge love from viewers.”

She continued, “It was more like an adventure for me rather than a difficult work. It was an adventure that I had always wanted to take since a long time ago but didn’t have the chance to do it. I really wanted to do a project with a different genre, but it was not easy to find a character and story that I wanted to do so badly. That’s why I waited for a long time and I felt so happy to meet this wonderful project. Since it was a complicated character, I did have many concerns and fears about how to express it. During the filming process, I even doubted my acting, wondering if I was doing it right. However, it was a fun challenge. Despite all the worries, doubts and things like that, I felt refreshed, excited, and excited while acting. I hope such feelings were delivered to the viewers well.”

Song Hye Kyo reveals mom’s reaction to her Best Actress award

Song Hye Kyo then thanked writer Kim Eun Sook, who shared the success of “The Glory” following “Descendants of the Sun” together with her. Revealing that they are like real sisters to each other, the actress said, “We talked about ‘The Glory’ when there were two of us together. At that time, we casually discussed things like, ‘I want to make this kind of work’, but after some time, the writer really sent me the script. I felt so thankful. Reading the script, I found it really interesting and realized that it was the type of character and genre I had been longing to try. I got excited and thought, ‘The day when I can play a character like this has finally come’.”

When asked to say a word to the friends who played school violence perpetrators in “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo said, “It doesn’t feel right to say ‘thank you’ to them, because, you know, they’re bullies. Hahaha… I had so much fun acting alongside them and I really enjoyed meeting and working together with talented junior actors in such a positive environment.”

Song Hye Kyo reveals mom’s reaction to her Best Actress award

Gaining more recognition for her acting skills in her 40s, Song Hye Kyo expressed her honest feelings, saying “In my 20s, I used to think this way. When I saw senior actors in their 30s and 40s, I thought, ‘Acting will become easier for me when I reach that age’. But now that I’m already in my 40s, acting is still challenging. It doesn’t seem to get any easier. Just like I age, the characters I portray also get older, and that makes it even more difficult to act. If only external aspects were considered, I might still be able to act the characters I did in my 20s. Because I’ve lived through that time, I know how to express certain emotions. But I don’t know what will happen in the future or how characters my age would live their lives. I have to study more and prepare for that. That’s why it’s still challenging for me.”

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