Yook Sungjae is confirmed to be a golden spoon

Yook Sungjae makes many people jealous because he is not only talented and handsome, but also comes from a rich family.

Ever since debut, Yook Sungjae has been rumored to be a “chaebol” because of his father working at a leading IT corporation. On a TV show, when asked by the MC, Yook Sungjae had confirmed his father works as CEO of an IT corporation in electronics. However, he still refused to reveal the name of the company. Despites the effort, netizens still can not find more information about the family of Yook Sungjae.

Recently, an article has spawned this problem as the writer had collected the rumors about Sungjae’s family and if that is true then Sungjae was really born in a rich family. The rumors say that Sungjae’s father is the CEO of the IT group that supplies components to Samsung Electronics Corp. His grandfather was the first person to import breed carps in Korea. His grandmother owns a 10,000 pyeong large (33,000 square meter) farm, and Yook Sungjae’s uncle owns a furniture company called Space Max and has a market value of $69 billion.

This information is attracting the attention of many netizens, besides the jealousy, people say that despites the condition of his family, Sungjae is always working hard to build a career that is not dependent on family and especially, he has good personality, and always is polite to others:

-“He grew up in a wealthy family without worrying about money, he was the maknae so he received the love from everyone, he’s tall and he’s quite handsome too, he has large shoulders, and he’s also good at singing. He has high self esteem and he doesn’t really get swayed by the stuff around him, so he doesn’t stress about them. He also gets popular wherever he goes and he’s full of energy. He has a solid footing in the idol industry and now he’s also doing well in acting and variety shows. He doesn’t get any hate and he’s growing his popularity among the general public too. His group’s members all seem like decent people and they even look close to each other, and he has tons of fans supporting him in whatever he does. And these are almost all core fans. But all this aside, he’s only in his early 20s……. Rather than getting his head inflated with money and committing crimes left and right like other celebrities, he doesn’t need to commit wrong actions and have bad thoughts even having been born with everything… I’m so envious of him that I can’t even be envious”

-“Do you know this? You can tell when someone has been raised in a family freely and has been spoiled in their lives. Yook Sungjae looks are glamorous, he’s talented and his words are pretty too…. He looks like the type who received a lot of love when he was young and grew up like that”

-“When arrived the time for BTOB to renew his contracts, there was another company who offered him so much more in terms of perks and pay but because of his hyungs, he couldn’t quit it ㅠㅠㅠ Sungjae was just never greedy for money”

Sources: pannchoa

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