BIGBANG’s T.O.P posted about 2NE1’s reunion and censored BLACKPINK’s name in deleted Instagram story

Fans are suspecting T.O.P of having a beef with BLACKPINK. 

On April 16th local time, 2NE1 reunited on the Coachella stage as four to the surprise of global K-pop fans. Following a fiery performance, 2NE1 immediately became the most talked-about group on social media. Not only fans, but other celebrities are also excited about 2NE1’s reunion. 

2NE1 had a spectacular performance at Coachella

2NE1’s former labelmate, BIGBANG’s T.O.P, also took to his personal Instagram to celebrate this memorable reunion. However, T.O.P’s story sparked controversy as soon as it was posted. 

2ne1 blackpink
T.O.P shared a story about 2NE1’s Coachella performance and censored BLACKPINK’s name
2ne1 blackpink
The original Tweet says 2NE1 is the 2nd K-pop girl group after BLACKPINK to perform at Coachella

Specifically, T.O.P took a screenshot of a tweet that says 2NE1 is the second K-pop girl group after BLACKPINK that ever performed at Coachella and posted it on his Instagram story. However, he censored part of the tweet that mentions BLACKPINK. This action of T.O.P has angered many fans of BLACKPINK as they said it was rude and unnecessary for him to do so. Currently, T.O.P has taken down this story from his Instagram. 

T.O.P deleted the controversial story 

During the 2nd generation of K-pop, YG artists were known to be very close. So back in the day, BIGBANG and 2NE1’s fans always cheered for both groups. Although T.O.P has left YG, seeing him showing support for 2NE1 warms fans’ hearts. 

yg family
YG’s 2nd generation idols are very close 

However, in 2016, the year BLACKPINK debuted was also when 2NE1 announced their disbandment. This started many rumors that YG got rid of 2NE1 to focus on BLACKPINK. CL once publicly shaded a Jennie’s fan who looked down on her on Twitter. Therefore, from the 3rd generation onwards, the term “YG Family” is barely used by fans. 

2ne1 blackpink
CL once replied to a comment mentioning Jennie 

Contrary to the support and love that BIGBANG members like G-Dragon or Seungri give BLACKPINK, T.O.P has never had any interaction with the junior girl group. This incident has sparked rumors that T.O.P does not have a good relationship with the BLACKPINK girls.

bigbang blackpink
G-Dragon once appeared in Jennie’s livestream
bigbang blackpink
Before leaving the company, Seungri was also very close to BLACKPINK

BIGBANG just made a comeback with Still Life and received a lot of support from BLINK. That’s why the fact that T.O.P censored BLACKPINK’s name in the congratulatory post to 2NE1 made many fans feel disappointed.

Still Life
T.O.P has never interacted with YG’s second girlgroup

Some netizens’ comments:

  • I am so disappointed. Why did he do that?
  • He could just use 2NE1’s picture instead of that one
  • BLINKs supported Still Life but T.O.P didn’t support BLACKPINK
  • Such those people who left YG!

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