“Prospective groom” Kim Hee-chul “I’ll get married next year” -> Terrible situation of Lee Kyu-hyuk – Son Dam-bi’s newlywed house

While Kim Hee-chul once again declared that he would get married next year, it was regrettable that Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk’s second Byeollae matrimonial house leaked due to monsoon rains.

Couple Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk were depicted in SBS’ entertainment program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny”, which aired on August 1st.

On this day, the two were with Lee Kyu-hyuk’s best friend Seo Jang-hoon and Son Dam-bi’s best friend Kim Hee-chul. 4 people had the so-called “Best friend DAY“. Son Dam-bi recalled her relationship with Kim Hee-chul, which started 20 years ago, “We met as trainees. One day, Kim Hee-chul came to me at a cafe and said, ‘You’re pretty, let’s be friends because you have a small face.'”

Lee Kyu-hyuk mentioned that he and Seo Jang-hoon had been friends for 30 years. However, when Seo Jang-hoon said “My first impression of Lee Kyu-hyuk is that he looked cold“, Lee Kyu-hyuk replied bewilderedly, “I’m shy in front of strangers.” Kim Hee-chul added, “Then me too.” Hearing this, Son Dam-bi asked, “Why are you doing this to my husband?” Kim Hee-chul answered, “Hey XX, I’m really hurt because you didn’t take my side. I’m sad.” When Son Dam-bi said “I’m on your side now”, Kim Hee-chul was shocked, saying, “I’ve been with you for 20 years. How can our 20-year friendship become like this?”

Seo Jang-hoon went on to say, “There’s nothing called friendship. Life is alone anyway.” Kim Hee-chul declared, “I’m curious about marriage. These days, I’ve been wandering the streets of rodeos to find a sense of sexuality. I’ll get married next year.” But the problem is that he does not have a girlfriend.

Nevertheless, Kim Hee-chul, who became a self-proclaimed “2023 prospective groom”, planned, “I’ll wear a red suit. I’ve even got my suit tailored.” Son Dam-bi then said, Marriage isn’t the problem, isn’t your girlfriend the first? You come first. You only think of yourself.” Kim Hee-chul exclaimed, “Okay, I come first. Who comes first? Me and my family come first.”

They traveled by car and arrived at the house of Lee Kyu-hyuk and Son Dam-bi located in Byeollae. Previously, the second, third and fourth floors were known as family homes. There was a spacious ice family fitness room in the basement.

After exercising together, they visited Lee Kyu-hyuk’s mother. Regarding Son Dam-bi, Lee Kyu-hyuk’s mother said, “My daughter-in-law is very pretty. Her personality is similar to mine and she leads men well.” Kim Hee-chul made everyone laugh by telling Lee Kyu-hyuk’s mother, “Dam-bi is my sister-in-law.”

Next, they moved to Lee Kyu-hyuk and Son Dam-bi’s matrimonial house. It turned out that the scene was flooded with water. It was completely leaking from the ceiling as if it had been captured by monsoon rains, and the two said they were going to fix it soon. Kim Hee-chul was shocked as he told Lee Kyu-hyuk, “You made a lot of money from skating…” When Lee Kyu-hyuk revealed that the house was built by his mother, Kim Hee-chul made everyone burst into laughter by quickly changing his attitude, “You can build it again.”

They each settled down and shared a memorable meal. Kim Hee-chul and Son Dam-bi recalled Christmas when they were single 10 years ago, “We drank in broad daylight.” In the meantime, Son Dam-bi confessed to Lee Kyu-hyuk, “Then I woke up. Do you know where we were? Karaoke room.” Son Dam-bi said that Kim Hee-chul kept singing next to her, who was drunk. In response to the anecdote that Son Dam-bi passed out first, the panelists expressed their thoughts, “From her husband’s point of view, it’s not (good)… However, it’s better (to be at the karaoke room) than at home.”

Son Dam-bi’s self-exposure continued. She said that she and Kim Hee-chul went to an amusement park together. She recalled that people flocked.

When Son Dam-bi said “It was when I was dating (Lee Kyu-hyuk)“, everyone asked if Lee Kyu-hyuk was jealous. Son Dam-bi coolly replied, “He doesn’t understand what male friend is, but he says Kim Hee-chul is okay. Kim Hee-chul is a free pass. I can have fun and drink with him.”

In response, Lee Kyu-hyuk made everyone laugh by mentioning that Seo Jang-hoon is like a girlfriend. Lee Kyu-hyuk revealed, “Seo Jang-hoon didn’t contact me for a while when I was dating Dam-bi.” Kim Hee-chul asked, “Did you also like Dam-bi?” Seo Jang-hoon remained silent.

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