BTS Jimin drew mixed reactions for shaky encore? “Tone deaf” vs “In-ear problem”

The solo encore stage of BTS Jimin on a recent music program has become a heated topic of discussion, drawing mixed reactions. 

On the March 30th broadcast of the music show “M Countdown”, BTS Jimin appeared and performed his solo songs. In particular, the male idol performed the title track “Like Crazy” and the pre-release song “Set Me Free Pt.2” from his solo album “FACE”. 

Jimin, who was announced as the winner of “M Countdown” that day, also said, “Thank you so much for giving me a big award following last week. I came to the live broadcast as a surprise today, and I am sincerely grateful to the fans who came to see me like this”.

He then presented a live encore stage. 

However, compared to his other performances, Jimin showed a more anxious appearance. In particular, the BTS member sang with a wavering pitch, while repeatedly touching his in-ears, before eventually removing one side of them.

Nevertheless, the male idol was able to compose himself and continued singing until the end.

Watching Jimin’s encore performances, netizens show mixed reactions. 

In particular, many criticized the male idol for his singing, leaving comments such as, “How can he sing like this with 10 years of experience?”, “This is on a tone-deaf level”, “Out of all the encores that I have watched, this is the worst”, and “I think his voice is worse than in the past”. 


However, many others also defended Jimin, and pointed out the issue with his in-ears. “He’s a singer who has been doing well for 10 years, so there must have been some problem”, “He usually sings well, doesn’t he?”, “It seems like he couldn’t hear well since he kept touching the in-ear,” and “It’s cool that he kept his mentality and sang properly until the end”, their comments read. 

On the other hand, according to the latest chart announced by Oricon, Jimin’s solo album “FACE” took the top spot on the weekly album ranking.

In addition, the male idol has won a “triple crown” of Oricon’s “Weekly Music Ranking”, at the same time reaching the top of the Oricon’s “Daily Album Ranking” on the day of release.

Source: Insight, theqoo

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