Swooning on-screen outfits of Korean actresses in 2022: Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah attract attention with different charms, Jung Eun Chae embodies the chaebol spirit with minimal, high-class fashion 

Apart from capable acting performances, these actresses boast excellent fashion. 

1. Ha Ji Won

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Ha Ji Won finally made her long-awaited comeback in “Curtain Call”, but was not as successful as expected because of an increasingly lackluster script. Nonetheless, the actress’ on-screen fashion still receives the recognition it deserves. As the chaebol daughter and a prospective inheritor of a sizable corporation, Ha Ji Won’s character only puts on luxury outfits but minimal in style and color. 

ha ji won

2. Kim Se Jeong – Seol In Ah

kim se jeong
seol in ah

As the leading and supporting ladies of “Business Proposal,Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah were draped in the most diverse styles and outfits. In the series, two characters take on two different approaches to fashion. While Kim Se Jeong’s character expresses herself through different looks, be it seductive, simple or youthful, Seol In Ah’s character is loyal to her office attire refined with class and style. Interestingly enough, their characters’ clothing conveys the contrasting family backgrounds that allow them with specific looks. Nonetheless, both the actresses were stunning on-screen. 

3. Lee Sung Kyung

lee sung kyung

Lee Sung Kyung was also not lucky in her choice of script and ended up with a mildly impressive drama, “Shooting Star”. The drama was also ranked among the “most horrible” series of the year, according to netizens. Nonetheless, the same audience also recognized her images in the series. As the employee of an expansive entertainment company that requires everyday celebrity contact, Lee Sung Kyung’s outfits are no less stylish, mainly in bright color scheme that corresponds to the mood of the series. 

lee sung kyung

4. Seo Ye Ji

seo ye ji

“Eve” Seo Ye Ji’s fashion prioritizes form over fashion. Ye Ji’s outfits are extremely sophisticated but can hardly be useful in everyday settings, especially in the ballet dance or party attendance scenes. Nonetheless, these outfits have their own gorgeousness and Son Ye Ji was definitely stunning in them. 

seo ye ji

5. Jung Eun Chae

jung eun chae

Jung Eun Chae plays the supporting role in “Anna”, starring Suzy, a chaebol daughter who leads a lavish lifestyle. While her clothes are simplistic in design and color, they still manage to convey the noble feel of her status. Thanks to the glamorous outfits and stunning, classy visual, Jung Eun Chae was said to “steal the spotlight” from the leading lady in their scenes together.

jung eun chae

Source: k14

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