Suzy turns 30 next year, but she still looks as youthful and innocent as in her debut days 

Suzy stuns netizens with her unchanging beauty of a “nation’s first love”. 

On July 11th, on the official YouTube channel of Suzy’s agency, Management SOOP, a behind-the-scenes video during the filming of “Anna” was posted. In the video, Suzy put on several outfits to transform into a variety of roles, from a college student to a grown woman in her 30s. 

In particular, Suzy’s innocent visuals when she wore simple clothes like an ordinary college student, drew much attention. Suzy with light makeup boasts a pure charm and reminds netizens of how she looked during the early days of her debut.


According to Korean age, Suzy is 29 this year and will enter her 30s next year. Therefore, Suzy surprised netizens with her youthful beauty that can convince anyone she is still in her early 20s. 


Unlike when she was immersed in her role, when she was not filming, Suzy radiated a bright energy and captured fans’ hearts. Her flawless skin without any blemishes exudes a refreshing aura and lit up the filming set.


Netizens were all stunned by Suzy’s ‘goddess’ visuals as they left comments such as:

  • “She looks like she’s shooting a pictorial even when standing still”
  • “As expected of the nation’s first love”
  • “Suzy has a unique beauty that can never be achieved through plastic surgery.”

Meanwhile, Suzy is currently gaining praise from many viewers for her dazzling beauty and remarkably improved acting skills in Coupang play’s drama “Anna”. 

Source: Insight

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