Suzy’s “Anna” came to an end… Both acting and beauty were perfect

“Anna” ended with a deep lingering impression. Suzy, who played Yumi and Anna, showed a perfect finish until the end.

In the last episode of Coupang Play’s original series “Anna“, which was released on July 8th, the last story of Yumi (Suzy) was depicted.

Yumi finds out that her husband Ji-hoon (Kim Jun-han), who is likely to be elected mayor of Seoul, is not just a criminal but a murderer who kills people for his own sake. She also knows that Ji-hoon killed Hyeon-ju (Jung Eun-chae), not suicide.

Ji-hoon tries to strangle Yumi, who threatens him with his secret. Yumi escapes the crisis in which she was almost killed by Ji-hoon. Yumi begins preparing to destroy Ji-hoon. She meets people who have been fired from Ji-hoon’s company and collects data.

Yumi delivers a file containing evidence of Ji-hoon’s crimes and incidents to Ji-won (Park Ye-young). Yumi told Ji-won, “Senior is the one who called me Yumi, and you’re the only one who worried about my name. This is my apology to senior and Lee Hyeon-ju. I’m ready now. I guess I came all the way here to collapse like this.” Yumi sheds tears when she knows the sincerity of her mother, who does not remember her. However, she cannot be by her mother’s side in critical condition as she and Ji-hoon have to leave for the United States.

Anna and Ji-won’s plan to use the media and the prosecution to destroy Ji-hoon did not go smoothly. Ji-hoon deceives Yumi that they have to leave for the United States to pick up Min-jae, an out-of-wedlock, and tries to lock her in a mental hospital. A traffic accident occurs by chance. Yumi sets the car on fire and kills Ji-hoon, who is trapped in the car. Yumi then runs away to Canada instead of the United States and stays in hiding.

In the last episode, Yumi becomes angry and cynical instead of trembling with anxiety as she has shown so far. This appearance of Yumi, who had completely shaken off anxiety about her identity, was new in itself.

It was strangely beautiful to see Yumi walking on the highway over the desert with a lost expression after setting Ji-hoon’s car on fire. Yumi’s steps will be remembered for a long time. Viewers are also curious about the next move of Suzy, who showed a new face and acting by going back and forth between Yumi and Anna.

Source: daum

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