The MR Removed by aespa was controversial

The audience showed many different opinions after the MR Removed of aespa caught the attention.

As the hottest rookie this year, all aespa’s actions attracted the public’s attention.  Recently, netizens have found the original concept image that proves the plagiarism of aespa’s debut stage.

The group’s latest performance on Music Bank is also noticed by the audience.  From here, quickly erupted into a fierce debate about aespa’s ability to sing live.

In the Mr Removed version, the voices of the aespa members still resound very clearly, each song is performed smoothly and correctly.  Their high notes retain resonance and sound as recorded. 

But also because of this perfect performance, it turns out to make the audience more suspicious.  Is it possible that this is not real live but the girls have pre-recorded a song and they lip-sync when performing on stage?

Currently, aespa is continuing to promote their debut with many different performances.  The live performance techniques are also applied by SM to their artists to deliver the perfect stages.  Therefore, the fact that aespa sings live or pre-recorded and how talented the members are will still need time to prove.  Viewers can completely wait for the group’s next stages, to see if the group is really capable of singing live.

Some comments from Knet:

1. [+94, -16[ Controversies aside, it’s true they’re good with the MR removed

2. [+73, -72] Look at the Pann girls being cheap downvoting the postㅠ I bet you didn’t even bother listening by yourself and you’re just showing you’re freaking pigs

3. [+72,-26] When I saw their live on their way off work, I realized they were good, so this is without AR right??

4. [+52, -8] Yah if you listened to BoA’s or Taemin’s MR removed, you can hear all their breathing sounds, anyone can tell that this is pre-recordedㅋㅋㅋ So why are people so stubborn? Nobody is saying that they suck? It’s just a fact that this isn’t a real live performanceㅋㅋㅋ Their fans are seriously annoying

5. [+29, -5] They were quite good though what’s up with the downvotes? 

6. [+26,-5] For real, anyone can tell that is AR. Why are the fans so stubborn claiming that this is live?

7. [+22, -8] That’s not live. You can hear that they put a pre-recorded version on top of it. Every time SM idols go on music shows, they always record another version to put on top of their dance, they do it a lot. That’s just their usual recipe. Nobody is commenting on whether they’re talented or not 

8. [+16,-5] What’s up with people downvoting without even listening to it?

Sources: Pannchoa

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