Past photos of this male celebrity surprised everyone for striking resemblance to Lee Seung Gi 

This celebrity looked surprisingly similar to Lee Seung Gi when he was young.

In the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” titled “Young Boss’s True Colors”, which was broadcast on May 11th, featured guest appearances of Rain, Lee Jung, Ravi, and celebrity chef Jung Ho Young.


On this day, chef Jung Ho Young revealed, “I took care of my appearance after receiving the invitation to appear on ‘Radio Star’. After undergoing the laser treatment, my face became about 80% smaller. I also got my eyebrows retouched.”


When asked by the host, “Since when has your body started to look like now?”, Jung Ho Young answered, “My body wasn’t like this when I was young, but I started cooking and got bigger. There is a difference of about 50 kg between then and now. When I served in the military, I weighed around 60kg and had abs.”

Jung Ho Young also shared pictures of his past that he had prepared. The hosts were surprised by his slim figure back in the day, saying, “You look like Lee Seung Gi” and “Is this what happens when Lee Seung Gi gains weight?”

Celebrity chef Jung Ho Young currently runs udon restaurants in Hongdae, Yeonhui-dong, and Jeju.


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