SUGA’s prediction of BTS’s next goal is the prestigious Grammy, will this time come true?

Fans are excited about the next goal of BTS, after they have made remarkable achievements in their careers.

BTS owns the new hit worldwide with the group’s latest song. Recently, the boys of Big Hit Entertainment have had a resounding successful comeback with just one single Dynamite, “breaking” the world music industry with a series of great achievements: ranked No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 consecutive weeks, set a record for PAK (Perfect All-Kill) in the digital music scene in Korea.

SUGA’s prediction of BTS's next goal is the prestigious Grammy, will this time come true?

On the latest interview with KBS News 9, Suga and fellow BTS members shared their shock at the recent success of “Dynamite.” However, they are not staying complacent, and have their eyes set on even bigger goals. The interview attracted the attention of a lot of ARMY (BTS’s fandom) and the audience, especially when BTS has just achieved great achievements in America with 2 consecutive weeks of No.1 Billboard Hot 100.

Notably in the interview, SUGA revealed the upcoming goal that BTS want to achieve. This makes netizens can’t help but look forward to what the upcoming achievements the 7 boys are aiming for. Because BTS has been a prominent name at all awards ceremonies from domestic to international, regularly “All-Kill” nominated categories. BTS also performed at four USUK music awards ceremonies: Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), America Music Awards (AMAs), Video Music Awards (VMAs) and Grammy. Specifically, SUGA has made a very firm statemen: “The next goal is a Grammy award. Standalone concerts are possible following a Grammy nomination, so the plan is to eventually win the award following the featured show. It’s feasible to dream about this”.

When listening to SUGA’s sharing about wanting BTS to win the Grammy – the most prestigious music award on the world, fans were extremely proud and looked forward to the upcoming music activities of them. Everyone knows that SUGA is the person who expresses his wishes as a very accurate prediction of the achievements that BTS will achieve. Many times, the voice of Seesaw expressed his wish to achieve awards such as Daesang, Billboard, … and all have come true! So this time, SUGA’s “prediction” is not without foundation to continue to be realized.

SUGA’s prediction of BTS's next goal is the prestigious Grammy, will this time come true?

Moreover, SUGA in particular and BTS members in general are not people who just set goals then leave it and do nothing. “From zero to hero, the Big Hit Entertainment boys understand the influence of their speech, and they are aware of the group’s position, goals and what needs to be done to complete their target. So fans will definitely see BTS in the coming time doing their best to win the prestigious Grammy Awards. To do this, it is also necessary to have the support and help of the fans. Let’s wait and see if BTS will bring surprises in the future with the brilliant music career of the boys!

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