In tears, NewJeans’ CEO revealed the reason why she left SM

CEO Min Hee-jin talked about the reason why she left SM and joined HYPE.

Joining SM in 2002 and working with many artists under this group until 2019, Min Hee Jin has created unique ideas and concepts for SNSD, SHINee, EXO, f(x), Red Velvet, and typically f(x)’s 4 Walls.

In July 2019, Min Hee-jin caught attention when she was recruited into Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE Corporation), taking on the role of Brand Manager (CBO). Sharing about the real reason why she resigned from the position of Creative Director and left SM after 17 years of working, Min Hee Jin said:

“I was so exhausted at that time. If we filmed a lot of music videos within a month, we could make up to 4 or 5 videos. My team members often said this as a joke, ‘Wow, if I play a survival game, I’ll win first place”.”

min hee jin
Min Hee Jin burst into tears when leaving SM – Photo: HYBE

She then added: “I believed I had devoted my 20s and 30s to work. I’ve never had a proper vacation. I got severely burned out, and thought about quitting the job completely. I just cried when I told this to teacher Lee Soo Man for the first time.”

Saying goodbye was not an easy thing, she tormented herself with questions swirling around in her head. “I thought why am I living this miserable life. I make it hard on myself. Of course there are moments of joy but in the meantime I would think, ‘Is this happiness?’ So , I chose to leave SM”, the female director confessed.

While wondering about the future, Min Hee Jin said that she still has many things she wants to accomplish. There were many companies contacting her, and HYBE was the first group that reached out to her. She shared that she still has a lot of things to do and decided to take on a new challenge, becoming the CEO of ADOR – an independent label that HYBE founded for her.

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Min Hee Jin’s decision up to this point has been commented on as completely correct. Her brainchild is the girl group NewJeans, who have had success with a series of songs such as Hype boy, Attention, Cookie and the new single Ditto.

According to ADOR’s executive director, NewJeans was paid after 2 months of debut because of their good achievements in digital music and high album sales. Not only that, the group is influential in the fashion field as they are constantly invited to events by high-end brands and fashion houses.

Source: K14

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