Crayon Pop Wei appeared with a bloody face, in ER after being swept away by the waves while surfing

Actress Wei, from the idol group Crayon Pop, was hit in the face by a surfboard while on vacation in Portugal. 

Wei said in a video posted on YouTube on Jun 18th, “It was my first trip to Europe and I went to the emergency room.”

“I had an accident while surfing. As soon as I tried to pick up the surfboard, the board was swept away by the waves and hit my face. They say the waves on the beach are the strongest.”

“I never thought the board would hit me in the face. At that moment, I was so shocked because I thought my jaw was completely dislocated. Fortunately, my teeth were okay, but I was worried a lot inside because my chin was tingling, but I thought it was rather fortunate that only the lower part of my chin was torn.”

Crayon Pop Wei

Wei said, “More than anything, I felt sorry for my companions. “The situation was serious at the time, and my friend was shaking all over. I thought about whether I should go back to Korea and all kind of things. I came to play, but the situation seemed to be serious because of me. My nephew (my friend’s daughter) was also surprised.”

Crayon Pop Wei

“But I think it’s fortunate that I didn’t get hurt enough to hurt my eyes or leave a scar. Through this experience, I realized that I shouldn’t be careless and I should always be careful,” she said.

Crayon Pop Wei

Wei debuted in 2012 with Crayon Pop’s 1st mini-album “CRAYON POP 1st MINI ALBUM”. As her contract with the agency expired in 2017, the group was virtually disbanded, and she has continued her activities as a content creator and actress.

Source: nate

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