A celebrity who has never been to the military even though her older brother’s senior is her hardcore fan

This is the story of the currently hottest actress, Park Eun-bin, and her brother.

Park Eun-bin has a brother who is only 1 year older than her. In this regard, the story of a confession in an entertainment show in the past has become a hot topic again.

During Park Eun-bin’s military career, he has a direct predecessor. This man said he was a real fan of actress Park Eun-bin. He also joined the fan cafe and really liked her enthusiastically.

park eun bin

As this senior kept watching his younger sister’s videos and photos in front of him while cooing at her and telling him how pretty and attractive she was, Park Eun-bin’s brother said this to him: 

“She is not my cup of tea. I’m not interested.” As the senior was taken aback for a second, the Park brother decided to swallow it after thinking about whether to tell him that she is his sister. 

The senior then said, “You don’t even know how to enjoy her charms,” before giving him a slap on the face.

Later, after hearing the story, Park Eun-bin asked her brother, “If your senior was a fan who liked me that much, why didn’t you just go along and say that I was pretty?”

park eun bin

But he is a determined brother, keeping the real brother-sister chemistry.

Perhaps his military life could have been easier, but Park Eun-bin never went to the military because of her brother’s attitude.

Source: daum

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