Photos from the wedding of former Brave Girls member Yoojin and a dental graduate student unveiled 

Ex-Brave Girls’ Yoojin is now officially married. 

On July 22, Happy Married, a wedding planning company, revealed, “Yoojin, a former member of Brave Girls, married her husband, who is a year younger than her, at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on July 21.”

In the published wedding photos, Yoojin exudes elegance in a stunning bridal gown at a guesthouse that gives off antique vibes. Her handsome husband also shows off reliable charm next to Yoojin. 

Yoojin’s wedding was hosted by her husband’s acquaintance, and officiated by a pastor. Yoojin’s younger brother, P.O.P’s Harry and Jihyun sang the congratulatory song, while CLC’s Seungyeon and the Lachica dance crew performed a congratulatory dance.

Yoojin’s husband is a graduate from a dental school in the US. They met 10 years ago and started a long-distance relationship between the US and Korea. When Yoojin announced her marriage last year, she said about her husband, “My parents like my boyfriend, and since we’ve been in a long-distance relationship for a long time, we want to be together now.”

Born in 1992, Yoojin debuted in 2011 as a member of Brave Girls with the single album “Brave Girls: The DiFFerence”. After she left the group in 2017, she spent time studying music and planning to start a shopping mall.

After their song “Rollin’” climbed back up and topped the charts in 2020, Brave Girls gained great popularity after being on the verge of disbandment. Regarding Brave Girls’ belated success, Yoojin said, “It’s always been my wish for Brave Girls to do well since I was 20, and I’m also proud of the achievement. I think it’s fate.”

Source: Nate

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