Hyolyn: “I hid my tears during SISTAR’s promotions. I wondered why I had to endure so much” 

Hyolyn confessed that she shed tears secretly while promoting with her former group SISTAR.

On July 21st, Sunmi’s web entertainment “Showterview” aired its first episode on the YouTube channel “Mobidic”, and featured former SISTAR member Hyolyn.

When asked if she has ever cried alone after debuting as a solo artist, both Hyolyn and Sunmi held up the sign that said “I HAVE”.

Talking about this, Hyolyn said: “I think it would be a lie if I said I haven’t. There’s no way I have not cried.” Sunmi agreed, saying: “When you are alone, it’s actually a lot of pressure in addition to crying.”


Hyolyn then explained that she shed tears for many reasons other than pressure, and said that she actually cried a lot. On the other hand, Sunmi shared: “I don’t cry as much as I thought. When I’m angry, I cry because I can’t win.”


Hyolyn then recalled when she was promoting as SISTAR. “I held back more when I promoted with the group. I thought I’d break down if I cried together with the members, so I would hold back my tears, cry when I was alone, or cry when no one was there”, she said. 


However, according to Hyolyn, she realized that she did not need to hold back as time went by, saying: “Over time, I started to question ‘I can just cry when I want to, so why did I hold out so hard?’. So from a certain point, I just cried when I wanted to.”

Hyolyn recently released her new album “ICE” on July 18th, and is currently promoting her title song “NO THANKS”. 

Source: daum

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